For this sweater, I wanted to create an image made up of several motifs with different but cohesive colors. I used intarsia to create each of the motifs. 
To better understand how different amounts of acid dyes produce different colors, I created these dye swatches over several colorways. Then knitted up a couple of samples in different yarns to see how they each took the dye.
For this sweater, I wanted to practice dyeing a sweater's worth of yarn. I designed the floral repeats and drafted the pattern for the sweater. I then added beadwork to each of the flowers to give the overall pattern some depth.
This is my first attempt at warping my loom.
I wanted to combine both knitting and crochet techniques for this sweater. I ended up having to construct my own crochet mesh in order to get the look I wanted and learn how to use short rows for the scallops around the bib.
One of my biggest goals for this fabric was to be cohesive while still including variation. I organized each of the strips of fabric in a way that distributed their colors evenly so some parts didn't end up looking cooler or warmer than others.
For this blouse, I wanted to create a strong silhouette using the shoulders and design a pattern that while intricate, still formed an overall cohesive shape. I dyed the felt fabric with acid dyes and draped the pattern myself. 
Each of these sketches shows the various stages of my ideas for each project. Some changed a lot throughout the design process while others stayed pretty true to form all the way to the end. Some designs ended up morphing together, while design elements of others are still yet to be used.
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